Hello, Macedonia! Hello, Skopje!
That’s another Balkan country for me to visit and this time i literally know nothing about it, but “10 points from Macedonia goes to… ” 😜 Recently Skopje was little more viral as it hosted the final UEFA game! So there is good reason to explore!

Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia. It is known as birthplace of Mother Teresa and her memorial house is one of the major sites. It’s not the original house, mostly symbolic and not very interesting. I learned almost nothing there. I guess, it would be super cool to have some really good museum, dedicated to her. It’s definitely possible to make it cool as this story is still here and she became saint less than a year ago. That’s definitely a rare occasion!

Currently Skopje city centre is going through huge reinovation. The story behind it is little tricky and i don’t know the details, but mostly it is very monumental architecture with huge white buildings, greek style colums, huge monuments, fountains wtc. Looks little controversial, but still interesting to see. Funny enough, that though it’s still not finished, but the magnets with the final view are sold everywhere!

Old Bazaar area is probably the most authentic and historic part of the city. Thought it became touristy little by little, but still it feels pretty real. Many shops are selling gold and silver, lots of wedding shops, leather shoes stores (and i hardly stopped myself from buing turkish style leather slippers), some eateries etc. It still doesn’t look like super “candy” restored place, which definetely makes it different from the other bazaars.

Skopje is also know for quite busy nightlife, so at night i went to check it! It’s nice, not expensive and mostly people went there to show themselves and socialise, which was pretty interesting to see as the city is not touristy one and it feels very real!