Night is very busy time in Tirana. After the sun goes down, lots of people feel the streets to sit in numerous cafes and bars. There is big bar district with plenty of nice and modern places in Tirana, so i went to explore it today. Almost every bar got it’s own style and they are very nicely designed. Mostly good bars works as cocktail bars. The party in Tarana is more about sipping a drink and talking, sometimes with sone DJ or life music, so it’s more on relaxed side, than on party hard side.
I started before sunset with the highest bar, located on the 15th floor with the nice view to the city from todays shot. Than i went to the nice whiskey-rum-blues bar to enjoy some mohito, which was really good one. And my third cocktail was on the main bar street.
I need to say, that Tirana bars know how to make good and strong cocktails. And it was extremely affordable, around 4$ per cocktail!