Today i continued exploring Tirana by myself! Currently the city is changing a lot: few weeks ago they opened totally reconstructed main square with very original and modern design, there is project to build 10 iconic skyscrapers around the city with 1 already built and one almost finished. Tirana is doing it’s best in making city little more colourful: many people know it for controversial project of repainting buildings in different colours, but they got very cool idea of painting electricity booths with pictures of iconic figures like Charlie Chaplin, Pokemon, Mickey Mouse and lots of others. It’s really fun to check it! Also there are several modern art installations around city, which is very cool and have a great chance to go viral!

But my absolutely favourite were 2 museums, dedicated to ex-Soviet time: BunkArt2 and House of Leaves. Both are very fresh, modern and brilliantly made! I would say, they are definitely the best in it’s field in the region!

BunkArt2 is located in a former bunker right in the city centre. It tells a story of Albania in interactive and interesting way. Museum is full of sounds, installations and interesting not only as a Bunker, but also as an opportunity to learn more about history of Albania since it’s independence from the early 20th century and all the invasions from that time. Albania definitely had very hard 20th century history and it’s very interesting to learn!

House of Leaves, Tirana, Albania

House of Leaves is former central office of spying in Albania. This is a house, which got a lot of rumours around it for decades and it’s a miracle, that now it became a museum! It shows a lot of story behind it, explains how Albania watched their citizens, what was the purpose of it, who was the victim of the regime, what equipment they use and how they build all this empire. It was especially interesting, how they welcomed foreigners at that time. It was possible to visit Albania during Soviet time, but everyone coming should act and look appropriately. If your hair was too long, they got a hairdresser right at the border, who would make appropriate haircut. If your cloth wasn’t appropriate, you also had to change. All hotels were equipped with hidden microphones and cameras. The House of Leaves was the place where they will listen all that you will say!

It’s absolutely fantastic, that all the numbers, statistic, some documents and technics are available now and set as a museum exhibition! That was definitely one of the most interesting i ever seen!