Time to leave the coast and explore Albanian capital city – Tirana.
After arriving i still had few more hours to explore the city, so i decided to make it easy and joined 2,5 hours free walking tour. That’s interesting concept is getting more popular now as it’s very easy way to spend first hours after arriving, get little introduction to the city and see the main sights without any advanced planning. Usually you need just to come to the starting point and join. At the end of the tour you can tip your guide, but usually it’s totally up to you.

We had a nice walk around city centre, learned something about history of Albania and saw some main sights like main square, old sinagoge, parliament, George Bush street, new cathedrals and, of course, famous piramide, which is the former museum of Enver Hoxha, ex-Albanian dictator.
I always thought that this pyramid is his mausoleum, but in reality it served only as museum. There is his grave on the outskirts of Tirana, but rumours said that it’s empty and the location of his real grave is a mystery. The pyramid in Tirana is now in a very poor condition and there were the plans to demolish it. But the latest news is that municipality wants to restore it as it became so recognisable and serves as one of the main sights in Albania.