As beaches in Vlora currently looks more like construction in progress, i was lucky to have found beach club here. That’s was the best idea how to spend my day, so i came here in the morning and left in the evening. Nice day of pool, sunbed and people watching. That’s really very nice for Albania and very affordable, kind of 4$ for a day.
This club was mostly used by locals, so at the same time it was an experience of people watching. As i was one of few foreigners here, i got a lot of attention. It wasn’t kind of “hello, nice to meet you» attention, people obviously are shy, but more like they try to show themselves. I’ll try to explain! Few examples: one guy put his LV bag in front of me (btw, it was fake one), another suddenly started to speak very loud with his kid in English (still, it was obvious that he do it rarely), kids were moving along the pool to be closer to me etc. It wasn’t kind of first time i mentioned this kind of attention in Albania, but only today i realized what does it means! That’s interesting and definitely can be explained as country was closed for so long. Also, for Balkans showing themselves is big part of culture, so that makes absolute sense.