Vlore is my next destination in Albania. This is also beach destination, so i came here to spend couple more beach days before leaving the coast for this summer.
When i arrived, i was very surprised how different it is from other places I’ve been before. Wide streets, fresh buildings, very modern roads. The trick about it, that Vlore is currently in big reconstruction project, sponsored by European Union. It looks like the city was almost fully rebuild. There is long beachline, modern buildings along it, nice modern cafes. All of it is already in use, thought the works are not finished yet. This makes staying here very specific as many things are in progress: beach is long, but filled with the sand, which looks more like dust from buildings, lots of trees around, but they are not green, most of walkways are half ready, buildings are very empty. From the one hand, it’s such a big work that goes here as they are making modern holiday city. It’s really interesting! On the other hand, there is no way I would love to spend time on this beaches now. So i have to invent something to spend good time here.

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