Himare is small costal town in Albania, part of it’s Riviera. Yes, there is Riviera in Albania! There is nothing else to do here, but relaxing on the beach, eating dinners and sleeping!
There are several beaches in the area: nice, clean and not overcrowded. It really feels fantastic to find something so nice, affordable on the top of holiday season in Europe. And thought Himara is mostly visited by locals, i was surprised to see few dozens of foreigners here. Looks like this secret Albania is not that secret anymore.

What i also love is that eating out is super affordable and very good. There is no point of cooking by yourself. Just as an example: dinner for 2 with greek salad, risotto and pasta with seafood, 1/2 litre of wine in a restaurant with the view to the sea cost us 16€! And it wasn’t some hidden place, it was more of tourist place. I definitely can live with it!