History could be fun when studied on site!
Butrint is an ancient city in Albania, very close to the Greek border. For it’s rich history it was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site.
The main part located on the small half-island in the national park. The city is not inhabited for a few centuries and now it’s nothing else, but mostly remains. Only small amphitheater and castle are recognizable now and excavations are still not completed.
Getting here from Ksamil is very easy, it is just 5km away from it. I went early in the morning and had it almost for myself, but i was surprised that many people come to see it: when we exit there was a line of few dozens of people.
Across the river there is ex-venitian castle. To get there you need to take a little ferry, which looks very creepy like it was handmade on someones yard. Dusty roads, cows, ancient remains. At that moment i felt myself like i’m in undeveloped rural part of southeast asia, but definetely not in Europe. Interesting!