Gjirokastra is popular tourist destination in Albania, known for it’s Ottoman history, well preserved architecture and beautiful surroundings. Together with Berat it is inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
I had only one day to check it and got no idea what to do here. Gjirokastra is very different compared to Berat, more touristy and more busy. There are just several sights here, so few hours were absolutely enough to see everything.
Main castle on the hill with extraordinary view to the surroundings is the main sight here. It’s looks really stunning, very impressive and powerful structure.
Also there is secret cold war bunker, which was build in 80’s and located inside the base of the castle hill, several ottoman houses with some interiors, which works as museum and old market, which is on reconstruction now.
And of course surroundings: the are insanely stunning! This hills and mountains around forms absolutely georgeius scenery. I saw something like this in New Zealand or Georgia and seeing it in Albania was big surprise!