Berat is little city in Albania, mostly known for it’s beautiful architecture. It was so well preserved, that the city is listed as UNESCO World Heritage.
Today i had full day to explore it’s beauty. I started with the beautiful castle on the top of the hill. It is very well hidden and i even didn’t spot it from the fist minute. Walking there is not hard and i was much surprised how large is it. Though, obviously, it wouldn’t be used as a fortification, but theoretically it could still fit all the city.
Classical Albanian architecture is the most recognisable site of Berat. This cute houses are also well preserved and very nice to look around and stroll between! Also there is nice river, ottoman style bridge and main street in the city! And good news, no crowds or lots of tourists! So i had very beautiful day of exploring and definitely love Berat very much! Without no means, great destination out of the beaten path!