It’s time for some adventures as i get to Albania!
That’s probably the only country left in Europe, which is said to be not super touristy, got a lot of rumours about it’s undevelopment, super cheap, there are not too much information available about it and it’s still available for authentic experience. It’s my turn to check what’s cool here, what is true and what is not!
The main rumour about Albania is that it’s complicated to get around by public transport. To get here from Budva, i took a bus, which goes directly to Tirana, the capital city of Albania. It was hot ride as the day was super sunny. The worst were 2 hours waiting at the border control with the bus standing under direct sunshine. Of course, noone could get out. The rest was fine, just very hot.
After getting to Tirana i had to withdraw some money. Withdrawal was very easy as there are lots of banks available, the only confusion was that my first ATM works only with Visa cards, but it wasn’t hard to find another one.
That day i had to take another bus to Berat. For Albania it’s impossible to book something in advance. Even finding correct information in advance is tricky. You simply need to come, find the bus and go. The main trick is to find the place where this bus (or mini-bus) starts. That’s sounds complicated, but in realty i simply asked at the bus station where i arrived. It was enough to say “Berat” to be pointed to the right direction. Just ask! If there is language barrier, than go to some sailing point. Station from Tirana to Berat happens to be 1,5km away from bus station we arrived and we just walked there.
Just next to the entrance there was a man, who asked us where we need to go. He immediately pointed to the bus, which was ready to go. We left in 3 minutes, the ticket costs less than 4$ and all the way took us around 2 hours.
Bus station in Berat is located little far from the city centre, but the bus driver again just pointed us to the bus, which goes there. Another few minutes and we are on site!
That’s all sounds complicated, but in reality not that tricky. Looks like everyone realize that you don’t know it and word of mouth is the best source of information in Albania, almost everyone is willing to help.