Montenegro as a travel destination was a dissapointment. Kotor bay area and great dinner at oyster farm was the best part of my time here.
The rest, to be true, was too ordinary and not exciting for me. I stayed in Budva and it wasn’t good choice as the city is the bad example of mass tourism destination: overpriced, crowded and without it’s own face. Just holiday destination beyond average. Beaches are fine if you walk away from the city, but still overcrowded and nothing extra special. Travel taxes are mess: we had to pay city taxes, pay for paper that was used to print the reciept for city taxes, pay to went inside the bus station and even if it was said that everything is payed, we had to pay that extra euro. It’s not big money deal, but feels like you are ripped off to pay salary to the people, who collect this fees, because obviosly there was nothing to pay for.
Not going much into details, but Montenegro definitely is not my place as it’s mostly suited for families in search of beach time and generally i don’t like the mood here. Still, it was worth checking for some beauty in Kotor and obviously it’s not expensive for Europe.

Major practical numbers:
7 days in Montenegro
1 place and 2 side trips
1 UNESCO World Heritage Site
95$ for 2 people incl. everything
I was lucky to get relatively cheap accommodation for around 30$/night at the peak season, so it could be more expensive in July and August.