Have you ever wondered about perfect local dine experience? Like the one when you enter to someone’s home as a valued guest and friend, talk about life and enjoy some local food paired with some cultural real home experience. Sharing food is definitely one of that thing in life, which is much more than food, but totally experience of it’s kind. It’s not the same in many countries, cities and even every family have it’s own way of doing it.

Good news for travellers that modern-day sharing economy can bring this unique experiences to everyone, who is willing to have it and give it a try. BonAppetour got their own concept of providing unique food experiences, giving you opportunity to learn something new, talk with locals and have a great meal. All of it is provided by families at their properties and feels like you came to some private dinner to your friends!

I never have heard about BonAppetour before and when i have learned about it, i decided to give it a try. I have found amazing and absolutely unique experience in Montenegro: gourmet dinner at the oysters farm near Kotor bay. That’s sounds so incredible cool, that i couldn’t miss it and reserved it immediately after i have found it.

As we stayed in Budva and this experience includes some home wine, we decided to use local bus to get to the oyster farm. This kind of place, definitely, couldn’t be located somewhere in a very crowded area, so it took us around 1,5 hour to get there by scenic road. Still, it was very easy as we have found regular direct bus from Budva bus station.

We arrived at 6pm and were greeted by Daliborka, her husband Slavo and their son. Slavo started his own business in 2000 as he had a passion for sea and diving and now is well-known mussels farmer (is it right to say so?) in the area. Our table was already served and was literally located on the beach with the view to their farm, Kotor bay and incredible hills and mountains around. 360 degrees view to the most beautiful part of Montenegro was so incredible perfect! It was so right and cool and looked more like perfect village family table. There are not so many restaurants who can provide same!

Sunset at oyster farm

From the moment we entered, we felt ourselves as valuable and welcomed guests! Our dinner was already on it’s way! Right from the sea next to us! Slavo went to the the sea, grab some oysters, opened them and brought to our table with some lemon. Nothing else!

I need to confess, i never tried oysters before. But i’m absolutely sure that i choose the right place to do it for the first time! How does it fells? Very interesting and not bad for the first try, i felt the taste of the sea, lemon and the structure of the oyster, but nothing else! I was expecting oysters to be little weird as i was eating something alive, but nothing like this. I definitely can live with it!

Unique food experience in local home

The next dish was already preparing: 2 kg of mussels in a traditional sauce made from wine, garlic, tomatoes and sea water! I love mussels and try to eat them time after time and this ones were absolutely gorgeous and got it’s own taste because of spices! But that was just the beginning!

Risotto with the fresh seafood! It was so yummy and so well prepared! I guess, risotto is very tricky to prepare well, but my hosts definitely knew what they are doing. And there was the reason: while Slavo was working on a farm, Deliborka had a day job as a second chief in a restaurant. So cooking was not only passion, but also a profession!

Unique food experience in local home

When i thought, that i couldn’t eat no more for another couple days, Deliborka brought us our last dish for today: fried sardines, shrimps and fresh salad! It is very simple dish, but i heard so much about it and wanted to try it for a long time, that i couldn’t skip it though i already got no room for it! 😀 Very cool!

Slavo told us that as he knew that we will come today, he specially went to the sea in the morning to catch sardines for us! That’s what i call unique and personal approach! It’s absolutely fantastic, almost all of our dinner was brought us by the sea next to us or from the family garden! It is such an interesting moment, when you realise how much nature can give if you know how to take it and there is nothing else to ask for.

We ended our night with some more wine and good talk with our hosts, who were so open and willing to talk about their lifes. I learned, that they are also dream of travelling, though at this moment they need to support their children and have to work all the time. Both are doing what they are passionate for: Slavo dreamed about sea and diving, that’s why having his own oyster farm is ideal business for him. Deliborka always loved to cook, that’s why she is happy to work in a restaurant and welcoming guests at their home. They love their country and their little beach, where we were sitting. Usually they make this type of dinner for their friends or family, but happy to meet travellers around the world and really looking for this opportunity to share this experience with the others as it helps them with their lives and business.


I think, that this kind of BonAppetour experience is extraordinary way of supporting locals directly without bringing money to some huge companies or giving them to another tourist restaurants. It’s still not as well-known as Airbnb, but this definitely makes experience unique and super cool right now as most of the people are doing their best to bring you great memories and welcoming you!

It’s definitely the future of travel. People these days are travelling more and more and after several beach vacations many realise that they want something else. Super overcrowded sights and tourist attractions feels so unreal and became that «check-click-go» experiences. You feel nothing there after some times and very popular sights could feel more like zoo, than something special. But most of the times you feel nothing about it. That’s when the idea of meeting the locals and doing something unique became so valuable! And the service like BonAppetour can help you to combine great time and great experience in one perfect moment!

P.S. If you are planning your next journey, check this site to learn about interesting food experiences. They got things like Home dinner in Florence, Typical Parisian dinner in classic 19th century appartment, Portuguese Egg Tarts Making Class in Lisbon, Make a beautiful Obento Box in Tokyo etc. Use this link to register for your first experience and save 20$ for BonAppetour!

Food experience in Macedonia

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