Sveti Stefan is little island not far from Budva and mostly associated as part of it. It is famous as a posh part of Montenegro as the best hotel in the country is located here. Actually, this island is hotel now.
This is the area for rich and famous and I decided to check it just by walking outside of Budva along the coast.
Almost all the way there is very comfortable road, so it was nice walk. After leaving Budva and it’s busy areas i was pleasantly surprised: beaches became significantly less crowded, clean and welcoming. So i spend some pleasant time there.
Later i entered the area of Sveti Stafan, which was absolutely like another world: not crowded and very clean and nice. And such a stunning views! Here i have found the most expensive beach i ever saw: price to enter and using it’s facilities was 120€/2 people!!! That was private beach of that most luxury hotel, it was very good, almost empty and obviously was made for hotel guests looking for some quality beach time. But if you want, you and your 120€ are very welcome!
This area is known as luxury Montenegro for many years. So no surprise that the place for the most luxury weddings in the area and they even got Nobu restaurant here. I would definitely like to stay here for couple of days as it’s really cool and totally experience by itself!