Hi, Montenegro! What a beautiful scenery around!
For my week here i choose Budva as my base to explore some of the sites around. As season is growing, it’s getting really busy here! Lots of people everywhere and already quite hot, i never thought this part of Europe could be so hot. My accommodation is almost at the edge of the city, but still just 20 minutes away from the beach. I was lucky to find something reliable for 25$/day.
Budva itself got nice old town with some restaurants, water is nice and warm and surroundings are beautiful. On the other hand, it’s another victim of mass tourism, unfortunately. Mostly people come here just to spend some cheap beach time, so streets are filled with half naked – half wet people, smell of suncream, kids crying, people arguing, single ladies looking for man etc. Beaches are also overcrowded and i would call them beyond average. At night lots of parties around, which are more like party pretending. Probably, I’m too old to feel it.
Unfortunately, hard to call Budva authentic or charismatic. Just very average beach destination, which gives people what they are asking for. It’s not surprise for me as i wasn’t expecting something super special here.
But I hope that some surroundings will be better!