Incredible mix of cultures and history makes Bosnia and Herzegovina interesting place for history lovers and those looking for unusual places to visit. There are several picturesque sights in the country, but it’s beauty is in it’s fantastic landscapes. Riding on a bus was the coolest thing to do here as the scenery around was fantastic.
On the other hand, don’t expect quality tourism infrastructure here as it’s mostly done by locals and feels less developed than in southeast asia. I had basic troubles with lots of practical stuff and it took more time than usual to sort it. Not big deal, but going out smelly because there were no laundry or beeing pushed by rude bus driver because he want his extra dollar for luggage wasn’t too fun.
Still, I’m glad i made it to Bosnia and Herzegovina as it was very educational visit!

Major practical numbers:
7 days in Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 place and 4 side trips
2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
90$ for 2 people incl. everything
It doesn’t feel expensive, still eating out could cost 25-30$ for a good meal and finding reliable place to stay cheaper than 30$ is tricky.