I’m stading here on top of the hill above Mostar and looking to the place, which is historically one if the hardest areas in the world. It was Slavic country, than part of Ottoman empire, Austro-Hungarian empire, was taken by nazis during WW2, than was part of Yougoslavia, was very aware during cold war and than became the field of battle during balkan war in 90’s. River in Mostar was part of plan and served as future border between so called “Big Serbia” and “Big Croatia”. At least, that was the plan.
That war hugely affected the country and it’s development. Some scars are very visible till this days. In Mostar there are still enough of evidences of war like broken buildings and holes from bombs and bullets on the buidings. When i saw the pics of how it was before, i realized what a big work they have done to repair it. Even with very limited resources.
After i learned more about history, i realized why Old Bridge of Mostar was broken and why it was so important to rebuild it: it’s definitely significant symbol for Bosnia and it’s unity.