Today was busy day exploring sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We started it with the old super secret Toto’s airplane bunker, than we headed to Blagaj (the second most recognised site of country), than we visited UNESCO World Heritage city of Pocitelj, spend couple hours at Kravice waterfalls and finished the day with the sunset on the hill next to Mostar.

That route is kind of typical day journey to see all the major sights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I had all of them in my list and was very surprised to find that they could be easily done in a day. I planned at least 3 to see them. All of them are pretty close to Mostar. Some are possible to reach by public transport, but could be confusing to be true. Some like Kravice waterfalls are possible to get only by car. And it’s almost impossible to do it in a day by yourself, that’s why i took a day tour to see it all. It wasn’t kind of well-organized tour, but more like car sharing. And quite affordable, 30€ for person.
There were 5 people in the car, so i had an opportunity to talk with others and learn more about life in Bosnia from our guide and his point of view. Guiding tours was just part-time job for him and he worked as a waiter in restaurant.
One of my questions was: what is typical day in Bosnia. He answered: wake up, spend almost all the day at home, going out for couple of hours to have a coffee for 1€, than get back and hope that your father will give several euros to go out at night. He means that many people got no job now and as a waiter he earns 2-3€/hour, which is not the worth salary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That’s sad reality of one of the poorest economy in Europe.