I need to confess: i wasn’t sure whether to go to Sarajevo or not. I was stucked in that idea, that the city still lives in 90’s as mostly everything i have found online was pictures of halls from the bombes, flaming houses and creepy Olympic park.
Anyway, i decided to check it as a daytrip outside of Mostar and was surprised, that it’s not that i thought. There are modern buildings, couple of skyscrapers and very busy street life. I was amazed how many people were walking on the streets and sitting in cafes in the midday! It was literally crowds!
Sarajevo is incredible mix of all the cultures and history that it went through. There are places that reminds about slavic history, ottoman period, Astro-Hungarian time, Yugoslavia, war (unfortunately, still visible sometimes) and modern day. Everything is mixed and well blended together that it forms really unique city!
It was a busy day and here is my top 5 favourite things to do in Sarajevo:
– Brusa Bezistan area (Ottoman style market) and incredible stores
– modern “loop” bridge and Academy of fine arts
– view to the city from Yellow fort (thanks for advice from you)
– City hall and the Spite house with it’s big story (read before going)
– meat Burek and Bosnian coffee, which are very good and super affordable
This day was definitely much more interesting than I expected!