Hello, Bosnia and Herzegovina!

I’m here for a few days to explore the centre of Balkans, check what’s cool here and learn more about it’s history!

I choose Mostar as my base to explore the country. The city now is mostly known for it’s iconic bridge,which is the most famous site in Bosnia. Apart from it there is nice area with shops, very picturesque hills around the city and mostly that’s it. It not very huge tourist place to explore for days, but there are some places around.

Mostly people come here as a daytrip or for 1 night, so my week here could count as extended stay.

Mostar is also good place to try food and famous Bosnian coffee! Of course, i couldn’t miss it and had big grilled meat platter (though I’m not meat lover) with dolma, lamb, cevapi, fried belled peppers stuffed with minced meat, grilled pork, chicken and vegetables. Not very super healthy, but they know how to cook it! So as it is part of sightseeing, it doesn’t count!