Cristal-blue water, beautiful hills, old towns, perfect waterfalls, diverse islands, mostly very kind and welcoming people, long history – all this makes Croatia absolutely perfect country to visit for everyone! No wonder that for little more than decade it became one of the hottest European destinations!
All towns, cities and islands are not the same and got their own charm and charisma. The difference between all the places i visited is absolutely incredible! That’s why it was so interesting to explore Croatia during last few weeks, i never was bored!
Croatia mostly works for holidays, but i couldn’t call it beach destination. Thought there are lots of islands, long coastline and one of the most beautiful water in the world, most of the beaches are very average. That’s why i will call Croatia sun destination, which is also super cool!
If i would plan perfect Croatian holidays, i would suggest visiting Split (with side trip to Plitvice lakes), Hvar, 2-3 days sailing along the islands and Dubrovnik! With that you will get the best of Croatia, but there are definitely much more than this!

Major practical numbers:
24 days in Croatia
8 places and 6 side trips
4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
115$ for 2 people incl. everything
Popular places are much more expensive and feels like different countries in terms of budget. Dubrovnik was twice more expensive than Zagreb or Pula, Split was 70% more expensive. If you avoid staying in Hvar town itself and choose guesthouses, staying on islands wouldn’t be very expensive.