Dubrovnik is located in an absolutely great place! Hills, lagoons, amazing water around makes it such an epic place! Famous Old Town looks great not only from inside, but also from the hills outside. Great news that there are several epic places to see Dubrovnik from the top. The most famous (but not the best) got funicular to reach it. If you are willing to hike a bit, you will get the best views and it will be completely free.
The best way is to take an old pilgrimage road to the hill, which goes not far from the cable car starting near the main road. It is very well marked on all the maps, so it’s not hard to find. At the top you will have pretty good view to the city and the road will take no more than hour, which is considered as a good way to start day in a healthy way!
On your way back take another road, where all the cars goes and follow it. That’s the place for really awesome views! There are couple of really nice spots right next to the road. After little village you can find little (but well marked) pedestrian stine road with noone around and absolutely incredible views! Definitely worth waking up early to start your day in epic way!