Hello, Dubrovnik! You are looking epic!

This summer it’s the most well-known place i plan to visit and it’s definitely got the reason to be so famous! I love the hills around, love this absolutely insane walls of old town, georgeous streets, numerous steps to explore hidden streets and it’s life! And i love that it looks so well even though 25 years ago it was bombed. It’s kind of magic, that now most people remember movies, that were shot here last years, but not that sad moments. That’s awesome, good lesson in life: concentrate on good!
As it’s almost the hottest and busiest part of the year, there are lots of people coming here now. Dubrovnik old town is very busy with cruise ships passengers between 10am and 4pm. Also it’s already very hot now, so my plan is to wake up early, explore, have a rest in the middle of the day and get back after 6!
My guest house is located on the hill and there are “just” 400 steps to get there, so i definitely will combine sightseeing and workout for the next few days!