is true for sone other Croatian islands. Today i decided to bike from my apartments to the next town – Lumbarda.
The route was very easy, partly have designated biking roads. I was much surprised how many people are biking here. I saw several very large groups here, many wear special equipment and looked very serious.
Lumbarda itself is known as main wine region of the island and produce some unique wines. So probably when it’s not very hot, it’s good idea to bike between wineries and try a bit of everything. Thought i haven’t tried anything, i still had very pleasant time biking around the area with pretty views, surrounded by grapes and olive trees.
I ended up at one of the rare sand beaches and spend couple of hours there till all the crowds arrived. Again, beaches here are very average, water is still chilly and i hardly want to swim. It usually is very clear and beautiful, but for me better to be watched.