Stari Grad is another town at the Hvar island. For my stay i choose it as it was more affordable, but at the end i loved it better than Hvar city. It is one of the oldest European cities, 2400 years old. Also there is Unesco World Heritage Site right on the border of it. And though it’s much more quite than Hvar, i think it’s more beautiful and cool. It fells more like french style village with pretty stone roads and houses, lots of flowers and greens on the walls, restaurants and cafes. There is something to see here, hike around and it’s just a nice place to be.
The distances between Stari Grad and Hvar is about 20 km and there are regular busses, so almost no problem getting between them (one-way ticket is about 3,5$ for 20-30 minutes ride, also night busses during high season). There are 2 main ferry terminals on the island: catamarans usually come to Hvar and ferry (with the cars inside) come to Stari Grad. It’s little confusing: when i bought my ticket, i was sure that i will get to Start Grad, but i arrived to Hvar. Good thing is that all the busses are synchronised with the ferries, so i easily get where i need. There are two roads between the towns and usually busses use new one, but when i arrived, they went on the old one. And it was an adventure: it’s very tiny road, located between high hills with absolutely breathtaking views and heart-stopping turns leading to nowhere.
Word of wisdom: make sure to check where your ferry will arrive, some islands have several ferry terminals.
Budget tip: Hvar is not a budget destination. To save on accommodation stay in Stari Grad.