Sailing in Croatia is probably one of the best idea while in this beautiful country. You can easily picture yourself sipping wine, enjoying sunset or working with your suntan on the private boat. From practical point of view it requires some sailing skills or hiring a good skipper for a few days, which definitely can cost you a lot. Good news that there are very good alternatives to have the best moments of sailing without breaking the bank in a posh and comfortable way and without the crowds!
I was surprised when i have found that there is an option of small group tours on a private style boat started from Hvar. And that’s for a price of a regular tour. Hvar Adventure travel company don’t make big group tours, they prefer boat sharing. That’s another cool step in modern sharing economy, which can help you to realise your travel goals. I was so much surprised that it could exist and won’t cost you hundreds of bucks, that firstly i thought it was just another ad. But when i have found that there are only 4 of us sitting in a comfortable private boat with experienced skipper, i realised that it going to be really great experience!

Sailing in Croatia

We had 4 hours sunset tour around Pakleni islands. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you go, but how you do it. As we had very little group, it feels more like a company of friends, who rented a boat for a few hours. We sailed wherever we want, made stops to jump and swim and enjoyed wine and sun (both included). Our skipper was absolutely flexible where and how we will sail, showed us some major spots in the area and even teach me how to sail. It was fantastic, cool and posh! Exactly how you imagine private style experience without feeling of mass tourism. Perfect example when you get much more, than you can expect.
The most beautiful moment was during the sunset, when we sailed between the islands: glass of wine, perfect sun, amazing colours around. We listened to the sea and suddenly i noticed that we were not alone: dolphins! Dozen of dolphins swimming around us in a clear water! I mean, this moment really couldn’t be better!

So if you are looking for a way to sail around croatian islands, make sure to check Hvar Adventure to get your perfect dreamy moment in Croatia. They got multi-day tours with private cabins, day tours or few hours tours. All are not big boat tours, but more like private boat journeys. Check their web site to see the prices and you probably will be pleasantly surprised!