Zadar beaches, cafes and sunset are probably the main reasons to come for many people.
Most of the beaches in the area are rock, but there are couple of sand beaches 10-15 km away from city centre. I checked one beach, which was closer and need to be honest, it’s not special. What surprised me is that some people came specially to Zadar to spend their beach holidays. Many ended up laying at the sea promenade, which really looks strange. I would hardly call Zadar good beach destination – it’s relatively large city, but there are some places around to check as the water is super clean. Still don’t expect much.
Everyone in Zadar spend a lot of time in cafes. Places for locals are much cheaper and cool for people watching. Probably my best moment in Zadar was when i woke up early, went to the market before crowds and just sit in the nearby cafe watching locals shopping. It was really cool! There is definitely mood in this city!
But what is really great In Zadar is sunset! The trick is that there is something special in atmosphere, that brought some beautiful clouds during sunset. Truly spectacular sky and sun brings beautiful show! If there is only one thing not to miss in Zadar it would be sunset!