Today i had very pleasant day exploring Croatian Rovinj, Lim Fjord and Crveni island with Orion travel!

I had a plan going to Rovinj for a day using public bus, which is around 1,5 hour one-way journey. When i checked tourist office in Pula, i have found that there is cool full-day boat our, which will bring me to Ravinj and couple more places. Cool! I love it!

Rovinj is one more ex-venetian city on the coast of Croatia. It is famous with it’s narrow streets, colourful houses and obligatory tower. Everything looks great and fresh! All that makes Rovinj very popular place to see. It’s not very big, we had a stop there for couple of hours, which was absolutely enough for me to walk around and check most of the side streets at least twice. It’s the place, where the city itself is sight by it’s own, so I wouldn’t recommend any particular place there. Browsing around and having a nice cup of coffee is the best way to enjoy it!
I also loved the street with several cliff bars and cafes. They tend to be the most expensive, but at the same time the most modern and cool one’s.

Lim Fjord was our next destination. Don’t expect it to be something like Norway Fjords, but it very fresh and green. The area itself is very great and there are lots of birds there. We used leftovers from our lunch to feed the birds around. It was super cool! Dozens of them followed our boat for some time. Sun, blue water, boat and birds around made it very special!

Our last stop was Crveni otok also known as Red island. It is one of the recommended «hidden» places in the area. We came here to spend couple hours on the beach. The island itself is very small. I had a walk around it in about 20 minutes. There’s only 1 hotel there, which looks very nice and that’s it. That makes it super green and very clean place with wonderful areas to enjoy. There is no sand beaches, only stones and rocks, but water is super clean and welcoming. I choose some little lagoon to chill for a couple of hours in silence in a beautiful place. Perfect!

That was great day and great tour! What i loved about it: it’s perfect alternative to do more during one day in a comfortable way. Also it was very well balanced: seeing city, fjord and beach in one day was a great choice of different activities and 9+ hours was perfect amount of time for it!

I asked Maja, one of team members at Orion travel, for her personal insider’s advice of things and places to do in Pula area.
Here is the list of her advices:

  • Safari bar at cape Kamenjak
  • Local beach Verudela
  • Concerts in the Amphiteatre: It is the most popular open-air concert venue, so check the schedule as many famous singers came to perform here
  • Tappo Bar (wine and food bar) near the Amphitheatre
  • Pizzeria Jupiter (great pizza and nice ambience)
  • Pula Aquarium
  • Forum Romanum is the place where people gather for an evening chill having wine and coctails
  • Brijuni Fish Picnic and Cape Kamenjak Fish Picnic
  • Full moon kayaking tours from Windsurf Station in Školjić Bay at Cape Kamenjak


Hopefully something will work for you!

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