I’m back to Croatia and now for a few weeks!
The idea is to explore Adriatic coast and surroundings, so i plan to go little by little along the coast and check cool places. Pula in Croatia is located around 100km away from Koper, so i went here by bus.

Pula is big port city with some cool roman architecture. It is mostly know for it large and well preserved amphitheater. Apart from it there are dozen of other places like main square with very nice temple, gates, fort, nice market etc. Nothing super exciting, just ok. But the amphitheater is really nice!

The city is very active in the morning: people are sitting in numerous cafes, drinking their espresso and smoking. It’s kind of Croatian style breakfast! No, really! Sitting in numerous cafes is probably the main thing here. Very rarely i saw someone with the food, locals tend to come and have only drink here. Good news is that it’s very affordable: coffee 1.5€, wine 1-2€. If you find backside cafe it could be even cheaper. My favourite one was just besides amphitheater. Not many people go there, though the view is super cool and price for a glass of wine is 75¢. Amazing!