Italian Trieste is just couple dozens kilometres away from Koper, where i stay. Getting there by bus takes around 40 minutes and costs just 3.3€. Of course, i couldn’t miss this opportunity to check it and enjoy italian espresso!
It is always interesting to cross the border by ground as almost all the times i see and feel the difference. Even if, like in this case, some times ago it was one country and there is no stop to passport check or whatever. Slovenia is calm and green and when we cross the border we enter manufacturing zone with lots of big ugly buildings. It wasn’t Trieste itself, just the outskirts.
Trieste is much bigger than all Slovenian cities. It even got one of the largest squares in Italy. Many people call it not typical Italian city, but for me it feels Italian in many aspects.
The rain starts exactly at the moment i exit the bus, so i went to the first classical bar, ordered perfect cup of espresso and checked some newspapers.
I wasn’t in a mood of sightseeing, so i walked along the city, looked around, trying to catch it. It’s obvious that it is busy city. Most of the tourists came here only with cruise ships and i was lucky, because there was no ship today. The city got lots of nice buildings, but i wouldn’t name it something extraordinary. It was hard to put an eye on something particular and taking pics was little tricky.
So after walking around i decided to have pizza. Usually i don’t eat it, but how can i miss it here. I went to some cafe, ordered pizza for 5.5€. It was good! But when the bill came there was extra charge of 6€ for the table. It is called coperte. Of course, i knew about it! I knew, but i forget! Lol! It was even funny how i try to be so smart and how they catch me with this old stuff!
After it i had some more walk around and went back to the bus! Anyway, officially i visited Italy, had my perfect espresso and eat pizza for less than 20$! Not bad!