For my stay in Slovenian coast i choose Koper. It is one of several cute little towns, mostly known as port city, but also got Italian style old town. I choose it mostly because i found the most reliable place to stay and all other towns are very close.
When i arrived to the city, i couldn’t find the door to my apartments. I saw the building on the map, but all the doors were closed. So i sit at the random bar and contacted my host for directions.
That random bar happened to be very cool. Beeing very local at that time of the day, it feels so right. Old ladies with their wine and cigarettes, young football watchers with beer, couple of posh woman enjoying their coctails and we with our backpacks, who definitely was the main topic to discuss for most of them. I felt myself like joining that precious local moment. From the very first moment i felt myself at the right place.
Little later our host found us at this bar, i checked our place, took the keys and get back to that bar to see how the world goes by.
That’s the beauty of small places!