It could be confusing to describe and understand what is Slovenian cuisine. So local expert could be very handy if you want to find what is what and try the best of it! Food tours are extremely popular these days, so to discover Ljubljana’s food scene i took a food tour with LjubljanaNjam.

Ljubljana is very modern and young city and the same is true about it’s food scene. These days many people from Slovenia have found that food is very good way to show their creativity. That’s why there is no lack of interesting places and different food restaurants from gourmet experimental cuisine to simple, but tasty food.

Originally food in Slovenia is simple. The main ingredients of Slovenian cuisine are grains (wheat, spelt, barley, rye, buckwheat etc), root vegetables (potato, turnip, beets etc), cabbage, meat (sausages, roasts, all parts of pork etc), fish, dairy products, seasonal vegetables, herbs, beers and wines. Of course, what’s on table depends on the season and region and there is much more than this.

During our walk we tried a lot of different types of foods, some of them were big surprise. Squids in modern-style minimalistic cuisine style, cabbage stew and štruklji (rolled dumplings, in my case with typical cottage cheese and seasonal wild garlic) with Cviček wine (really great and fruity wine for a hot day, very recommended), pumpkin seed oil, honey (i never knew, that honey could be also mixed with beetroot juice). Bites of everything was enough to understand what is what. Our food tasting route goes through main Ljubljana streets and that was not only great way to try food, but also good way to learn something new about the city itself.

The real food festive began, when we came to one of the hidden local restaurant without the menu and with the tables standing right on the street. By saying “hidden” i mean that it was just hundred metres away from the main food street, which is called “the biggest table in Slovenia”.

That was that absolutely great restaurant where the owner herself came to greet us and explain what’s on menu today! We had carniola sausage, zoodles with red beet and goat cheese, squid in teran wine sauce with white polenta and smoked trout with baby spinach. And of course, some wine! I never knew, that Slovenia could be so wine friendly country! You can drink openly almost everywhere and the prices for good house wines are very low (from 1-2 euro for 100ml depending on place). If you want something fancy, there is also very good selection of fine Slovenian wines.

One of our final stops was gelato ice cream! There are several very good gelato shops in Ljubljana city centre and their quality is very good! Desserts are a big thing in Slovenia! There are several signature desserts like Cream cake “Kremsnita” (it is said that you need to try it while visiting Bled lake) and Prekmurska Gibanica. The last one was my favourite as it was made of cottage cheese, poppy seeds, walnuts, apples and creme. Lots of calories, but worth it!

That was great time and awesome food exploration! My compliments to LjubljanaNjam for a great job! Each tour is different as this is real food, so it depends on season. Mostly all the restaurants have their own schedule (like they work 3 times a week), so where you will go depends on it. Check this tour, especially if you haven’t got much time in Ljubljana as the tour is relaxed, but very informative way to explore the city. It shows you beautiful Ljubljana centre from different angle and brings you to the right places to be and experience this wonderful city!

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