Now it’s time to explore something outside of Ljubljana! I choose to stay in the city little longer to explore the surroundings. Today i had great day exploring caves with guys from Roundabout.¬†Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle are the first choice of places to see as a day trip outside of Ljubljana and i couldn’t miss it as i heard a lot of great about this places.

Postojna cave is absolutely amazing and very accessible place to visit, which is not that common for this type of natural sight. Your visit starts with 8 minutes train ride. This ride is so wow! I mean, how they can manage to do it! You literally ride few kilometres through the well lightened cave with lots of beauty around you in a very comfortable way like that easy Disneyland rides, but it is natural sight. I made a video of this train ride (part 1 and part 2)

After it you have an hour walk around several very impressive halls with tons of spectacular drop stones, pillars, limestone curtains and whatever you can imagine to see in cave! Walk is also very pleasant and easy, especially if you wear some warm clothes as it’s 8 degrees C inside the cave.
Absolutely gorgeous and spectacular! After seeing lots of caves, I need to say, that if you want to see only one cave – Postojna Cave is probably the best choice!

Later we headed to explore Predjama Castle, which is few kilometres away from the caves. This castle is located in a very picturesque place. The most interesting thing that this castle is that it is located in the cave with some facades and rooms build right inside of the cave. The cave is part of the castle and it’s back walls are the cave. It is said to be the most scenic cave castle in the World. For a long time it was hidden and even was lost for a while. There are lots of legends about it and about the people who lived here. One of the modern legends says that not long ago American show about ghosts shot one of it’s episodes here. And after they have found something, it was the first time the they run away from it.

I saw no ghosts, but still it was cool place to see as it is very smartly done. Like it have natural places to hide ice for the summer drinks, natural air conditioning, smart defence system and was built very effectively!

My guide from Roundabout tells me a lot of interesting stories about it and some practical things, so it wasn’t boring at all, but mostly interesting and fun! Definitely can recommend this guys as very hospitable and cool company to explore Slovenia. I really had very pleasant time with them without hassle of organising everything by myself. And Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle are definitely places to see in Slovenia as they are so well accessible as half day trip from Ljubljana!

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