Day to explore Budapest! As i have been here before, i decided to concentrate on stuff, that i haven’t done in my previous visit.
I arrived to the city around 1am and had some troubles with my accommodation. I reserved it 6 months ago as it was some super offer: 19€ for a room for two in the city centre. Cheaper than all hostels, so i have a feeling that it was some fare mistake. Couple days before arriving they tried to find a way to cancel it, but they couldn’t. So when i arrived to pick my keys, they told me to come to another “sister” hotel. Actually i was ready to stay on the street, so i was happy about it. And ended up in pretty nice place for this price!

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After good night sleep and great breakfast i started browsing around the city. Budapest is really so beautiful! It feels like a little bit too large and massive for not that big country, but it’s georgeous city. I also visited couple of places to see impressive interiors of big palaces.
Later i headed to famous thermal baths. I went to Rudas baths as not-so-much touristy place, but still with some tourists. Visiting this kind of place is always great: experience, treatment and culture at the same time. The baths are very well organized with private dressing cabins, keys, lockers and all that you need for around 11€. I am not big lover of baths culture as i don’t like crowds of naked people in one place. Beeing naked is not obligatory and i used swimwear, but many people prefere using just little pieces of fabrics to cover their front, some of them even don’t bother about it. The rest was great and i spend very pleasant 3 hours bathing in a beautiful place!
At night i had a plan to go out and explore famous “garbage” bars of Budapest. It was very successful experience! I never thought that they could be so good! I had so much fun, even little party with sime british guys wearing kilts without underwear (i checked ). I won a glass of wine in pushup contest and just had a good time. This bars are really very well made and good maintained. And what i love, they even got very good wine for cheap (like 1,5€ for a glass). I don’t drink beer, so it was really handy as most of the night party bars sells crap wine for a lot of money.
It was another great day! When i was in bed i thought to myself: why i haven’t been in Budapest for so long?