Bangkok blow my mind in the best way! It was my third time here and previous ones were relatively short. This time I explored deeper and what I found and feel was absolutely insane and cool! Bangkok is developing with fantastic speed, each day something changes, it is growing as modern design capital, but still have realness. The city works perfectly for many different lifestyles and people live together in some fantastic harmony.
I guess I will be one of few people who would tell that this chaotic city have any harmony. I found that there are lots of ideas and principles in everyday life. Yes, Bangkok is hard and overwhelming, days are running in fantastic speed and each evening I came back exhausted. But it got so much for everyone and it’s so exciting to understand the city and find that little backdoors and new roads, that will make your daily life little easier.
See you, Bangkok!
Some major practical numbers:
14 days in Bangkok
1 UNESCO World Heritage Site
Average expense is 97$/per day for 2 persons.