Bangkok is blowing my mind. On this pic is not another tourist attraction. It’s a real plane, which was once in use. But now it is literally thrown away and lying in a field in Bangkok.
When I have heard about this place I couldn’t miss it. Airplane graveyard is located on the outskirts of Bangkok. The easiest way to get there is by boat. Just take the channel boat and leave at the last stop. This field is couple hundreds metres away from it.
Remains of at least 2 planes are standing there. I’m not sure about exact number, but I believe there are 2 planes, though they could look like 4.
Why they were brought to this field is a mystery. There are rumors that one of them was that plane that crushed 10+ years ago in Thailand. But there is no real info.
The reality is that there is family, who made this remains their home. Their story is that they couldn’t afford house in Bangkok. They demolished parts of a plane and made a house for themselves. They are usually on site and will charge you something to have a look around, thought it’s not their property. I took it more like a charity, because it’s obvious, that they live in a old plane not because of good.
Planes themselves looks very scary, but exciting at the same moment. It is possible to get inside, see how they look from inside including cabin, technical zones, baggage level etc. It’s not safe all the times, so I had to double check each step and I went inside only when I was sure it’s fine.
Need to be honest, inside it looks exactly same as in that creepy catastrophe movies. It was really emotional and little shocking, when you realize that it’s not Hollywood movie set, but actually real planes, that were used. And then you see parts of them and actually realize what is it… goosebumps. Very unusual! Made me want to reread all that flight statistics.

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