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Day 175: Barber, coffee and bar

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Today was good chilling day to explore modern Bangkok. I got my haircut at the trendy barber shop, my coffee was from trendy coffee shop and my evening drinks were from trendy bar! OK, probably bar was not that trendy looking, but it got one of the best drag show I ever seen.
I love this extraordinary balance of things in Bangkok, how it opens every day, layer by layer, idea by idea, place by place. It’s amazing to dig deeper and learn how things works. Looks like every single thing got some idea underneath it and you need to know exactly what you do to do it right. And that’s almost on every turn.
To give you an idea: each day I took route through little door to get to some side street. But today is Saturday and that door was closed, so I had to take another route. Got no idea why it was opened before and why it is closed today, but the same principles works with many things. It’s very exciting to learn how it all works and feel this rhythm of the city.

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