Ayutthaya is an ancient city, located around 70km away from Bangkok. It is said to be the largest city in the world at 18th century. There is version that Angkor Wat was abandoned after invasion from Ayutthaya.
Visiting it as a daytrip from Bangkok is the best idea as there are many transport options from buses to frequent trains. I choose the last one and decided to make it local, so i took 3rd class train ticket, which is 20 baht (60 cents) for an hour ride. It was cool and fun!
Exploring Ayutthaya is the same as exploring another ancient cities. Hire bike or tuktuk and go. Biking was not an option because of heat and hiring tuktuk was at least 30$ for stay. When i studied the map, i noticed that distances between main sites are not that big and i should be fine doing it on foot. I wouldn’t exactly reccomend it, but I was fine, only took a ride to 1 temple, which was too far for the heat of the day.
Exploring the ruins is very exciting! There are couple of quintessential Thai images here like famous Buddha face at the tree roots. But there are much more here: stupas, old and operating temples, picturesque ruins etc. Some places are partly restored. Inside one of them I saw remains of wall paintings and lots of bats. When I entered, they became very nervous and started to fly, which was little creepy, but fun.

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Everything that is left in Ayutthaya is just little glimpse of previous city. It was very big trading centre in Asia with lots of connections from other Asian countries and from Europe, especially Netherlands.
Absolutely love this travel day, worth all the efforts!

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