Erawan museum is one of that great places in Bangkok, which is not very famous. It is known for it 30 metres hight statue of Erawan, 3 headed elephant. This statue is not empty inside, it houses 3 store religious place, which is partly museum, partly church, temple and Wat. It is dedicated to Siam culture, but got something from all main world religions inside. That was made to show that each of them need to appreciate each other.
3 floors of the building showcase underworld, earth and heaven. Heaven is located inside the belly of the giant elephant. That elephant from outside was so big that I even couldn’t take a full pic of it.
This building was kind of surreal dream of it’s creator and supporter. What i saw inside was exactly that glorious WOW moment, when you realize why you travel. It is so unusual, creative and beautiful! It got lots of ideas and big backstory. Especially love the audio guide where everything was explained with a magical music as a background, which makes visiting even more special.
The museum is not very old, it was opened little more than 10 years ago. It is hard to call it museum, though it houses some old Buddha statues. That place is much more about atmosphere and creative magic, which is made to appreciate Thai culture.
Erawan museum is very calm and not too famous, though it was made to promote tourism. Probably that’s because it is located relatively far from Bangkok city centre and visiting costs around 12$, quite expensive for Bangkok. But for me it was absolutely worth efforts! Amazing place!

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