I decided to leave Cambodia earlier than planned as I see no reason to stay more. Another pic and off we go!
Good thing is that I got plan B, which is finally spend couple of weeks in Bangkok.
So yesterday i took night bus and headed there.
Bangkok is little more than 500km away from Sihunakville, but in reality it not that easy. There is no direct bus on this route. You can take do-it-yourself journey with 4 connections using short route or take long 3-connection way, which are selling as package ticket with night sleeping bus. I choose the second option, which is longer, but will save me several dozen bucks if taking in account accomodation. They sell it as 13 hours ride, but in reality all the way takes something between 22 and 26 hours. I ended up with 24. Thankfully i knew about it, but most people taking same route were shocked.
One man lost his connection to the plane because of it, which is really wierd.
Lesson 1: in Asia make sure to have enough time for difficult connections. The chance of wrong information or that something will go in another way is very big.
That man told me his brief story: he is in his late 60’s and doing his 4th backpacking RTW. He starts in 80’s taking his first journey at 33 and spending 10$/day. He lost almost all his savings because of recent economic crisis in USA and went traveling again using big amount of loyalty miles he saved. Last year he broke his back in Vietnam and now it’s obviously hard for him to move. But he do it!
I can’t imagine what power and how strong is his love for travel if he is doing it!
Interesting, but before i heard his story i took him like little wierd. There was couple of young ladys with us, who decided that party must go on in bus. Not the best idea for a long journey. They ended up drunken and not adequate, hardly understanding what’s going on.
Lesson 2: Never drink on hard connections.
On one of the bus changes when they came late to the bus, there were no double bed for them, only sleeping separately with two other single mans. Stuff got nothing else, but to rearrange some of single mans, including that 70 years old man. As i wrote previously, he got back problems. So i just have heard how he cryed loud.
Later in the morning i saw how he cryed at this girls. Without perspective it looked wierd and we took him as very strange person, though those 2 drunken ladys were really wierd too. But later when he tells his story, i realized that it’s another good lesson for me.
Lesson 3: never jurge anyone.
I always knew that there is usually good reason why people are who they are and i had to be patient and try to understand. Probably i could be wierd for someone, too.