It’s tips time!
Today I decided to change the area where I stay as mine was really very strange and feels weird. Couple days ago i had beach walk and decided to stay in the most touristy area of Sihanoukville near ferry.
I decided not to book something in advance, but I bookmarked several places I like most at booking sites and decided simply to walk in.
My strategy is to have a look at the hotel and if I like it, try to bargain the best price. I already know how much does it cost at booking engines. Most of the places pay around 17% commission to this services. So, for example, if I pay them 100$, they will get 83$ of real money. So asking for little discount sometimes works.
When I walk-in, most of the places gave me price 25% more than online. It was even surprising! After I show them this online offer, most of them make little discount, but still online price was better. Absolutely makes no sense, but looks like most of people on reception don’t know this math. But I don’t give up!
I watched several places and again confirmed to myself that in Asia quality got nothing in common with price. At the same area I saw outdated hotel with old pool and without breakfast for 45$, new minimalist backpacking room with private shower for 20$ and new, shiny and modern hotel with good breakfast and very good Swedish design for 33$ after bargain. They even got lemongrass oil in bathroom. Of course, I choose the last one. By the way, one of the best hotels during this journey.
This strategy definitely not the best if result is very important for you or you are limited in time. But I used it few times already and almost always got good results.
Now it’s time to enjoy the results of my efforts! Pool is calling!