As it exactly 6 months on the road, it’s time for some intermediate results.
In the last 6 months:
I walked through tree tops and caves, tea plantations and jungles, desert and beaches, kayaked, tubed and cycled
I saw dozens of animals in natural habitat and feed giraffe, elephant and one little pig
I explored 7 ancient cities
I used at least 20 types of tuktuks
I had to go barefoot and in a skirt much more than i expected
I visited hundreds of temples, wats, mosques and stupas
I lived few days without toilet paper
I stayed at great hotels with infinite pool and in the room at the bar
I spend 20+ nights in buses and trains
Once I woke up with lizard next to me
I gave up and start to drink Nescafe to have at least some coffee
I celebrated New Year 4 times
I got free t-shirt for buying alcohol
I broke 1 pair of flip flops, 2 pants, 3 t-shirts, 4 pairs of glasses and 1 iPhone.

Major numbers:
I visited 7 countries
I’ve been at 40+ cities and places (not counting day trips)
I covered 32000km
My average expense was 78$/2 people a day Malaysia was the most expensive
Sri Lanka was the cheapest
I came back with 11 magnets and 17000 pictures

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