Mandalay is said to be nice place to explore the surroundings. After i made short list of things to do here, I realised that most of them are outside of the city, kind of 10-20 km away. It sounds not very far, but it’s relatively difficult to get there. So i decided to save myself and jusy hire a driver for a day. Not very authentic, but very practical decision, as i saved lots of time and done lots of sights without thinking about route.
The trick is that most top places outside the city forms kind of day route, which is very standard and many people takes it. After i named the places i want to see, they all happened to be in that standard route. So i ended up going with dozens of others private cabs doing the same sights almost at the same time. After few sights i already knew the faces of the people, which was kind of fun and strange.
But anyway, very handy way to explore the area, though I wouldn’t say that all the places equally interesting.
I wouldn’t name all the places I’ve been, as it will be really boring. Just briefly:
– very famous Buddha statue, which is literally covered with thousands of layers of donated golden leaves
– monastery with the ceremony of monks feeding
– Sagaing hill and it’s temples
– some village (boring)
– one bridge, famous for it’s sunset view.
Sounds like nice package tour, yes? Truly it is! Funny thing that i payed around 25$ for a car for a day and mostly people do it in buses for around 70$ per person, which is wierd. But little later about it.
Some more pic of highlights are coming next. This one was made near one pagoda, which I visited on the way.

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