Almost week in Vang Vieng was a good time to explore the area and spend some crazy and adventurous time. Another pic from it and off we go!
My next stop (no surprise) is Luang Prabang. Few hours bus ride through very scenic area and I’m on site.
The city is known as one of top atmospheric destinations and city centre is UNESCO World Heritage Site. So it’s very well known and quite touristy.
I wasn’t happy with all the accommodation options I found online, so I decided just to go and find a place to stay there. I spend almost 1,5 hours browsing hotels and checked around 10 places to understand that Luang Prabang is quite pricey in terms of hotels. They are more expensive here than in Bangkok. So I ended up at one the cheapest option I got for 22$ a night, as there wasn’t any big difference between it and the one’s for 40$: all are low average. But also there are plenty of really nice places for $80+ and I will definitely choose them if I will be on vacations.
Later at night i visited night market to check what is what and have a dinner. Market itself is nothing special, just another tourist market. But food options are very nice. Apart from numerous stalls with very good baguette sandwiches, crepes, shakes, smoothies, coconut buns, banana bread there are some stalls with local versions of noodles soups.
Good meal on the street is about 2,5-3$, which is again relatively expensive. The cheapest option is street buffets with unlimited precooked food for 2$. That’s first backpacker’s choice, but not very healthy. For those who is willing to pay more there are many restaurants around with western prices.
So from first sight Luang Prabang is surprisingly touristy and not very cheap (for southeast Asia) destination. Hopefully there’s a good reason for it!