Myanmar was great and adventurous place to explore for me! It worked much better, than i thought (and I expected the worst). Though religious sights like numerous pagodas and temples are major sights here, it was far away from beeing boring! Pagodas are scenic, Bagan is world’s top sight with strong energy, Inle lake is mind blowing, Mandalay is just ok compared to them.
I love that country brought me not only sights, but also lots of opportunities to experience local culture and traditions.
Myanmar seems very exotic and adventurous from distance: golden and white pagodas, strong culture, mans in longhi, millions of monks, everyone with painted faces, lost cities. If you add not the best rumours about the country, it’s government and safety you will get the feeling that Myanmar is tricky to visit
In reality traveling to Myanmar is safe, locals are very nice, soft and friendly (new land of smiles), accommodation is great, no problems with language, visiting is fun and it could be very affordable. Tourist path is very well marked, there are hundreds of other western tourists and you will never be alone.
Nowadays Myanmar is booming and getting very touristy. It’s not hidden gem anymore. Though at this point there were almost no overcrowded places, some of sights were quite full. And everything is changing quickly. As an example, most of the practical information like entrance fees, timetables etc i found online were out of date. But there were no problems to find everything on site, just make sure to double check with senior stuff, as most of the junior stuff know nothing and give wrong info.
Another interesting thing is that these days Myanmar is mostly visited by grown-ups, who are ready and willing to pay lots for visiting. I was really surprised to hear people next to me paying 2-4 times more for the same hotel room or bus tour as i got private car times cheaper and it was really good. So if you planning to visit, make sure to do it by yourself and don’t take first choice, with that you will save 4-5 times and feel yourself like VIP.
Some major practical numbers:
I spend 17 days in Myanmar
I visited 5 cities and places + some surroundings
My average expense is 58$/per day for 2 persons and that goes with good accommodation (i was lucky this time and payed less than most of others in some mysterious way) and night busess to travel around. For me budget was exactly as planned.

With that I’m saying goodbye to Myanmar and moving next!