Little village Mingun is located not far away from Mandalay. Around 10km by ferry. But getting there is adventure by itself.
This ferry is the cheapest way for tourists to get and looks wierd: both ferry station (it looks exactly how i will imagine the ugliest port ever) and boat itself. But anyway, it works.
Mingun is famous for couple of pagodas and the bell.
First one is magical white painted, where i made this pic. Second one supposed to be the largest pagoda ever, but never been finished. Still it’s a massive construction, which was partly damaged by earthquakes.

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The Bell is currently the second largest operating bell in the world and you can ring it. For a long time it was the biggest, but now the biggest one is in China. Btw, i was surprised to learn that the largest bell is in Moscow, but it’s not operating, because it was damaged.