It’s hard to find what Malaysia haven’t gave me as a tourist: metropolitan city, architecture of all kinds, skyscrapers, streetart, nature, adventures, shopping, hiking, beaches, dozens of animals in real life, islands, great food and that’s all in very good modern conditions without downsides of South East Asia and for a great value for money. I literally afford myself much more than I expected and this part of journey felt much more as a holydays, than a journey.
It was very relaxing time and rarely i was busy more than half a day, so i had lots of downtime! And even raining season wasn’t such a big deal.
So Malaysia is definitely great vacation destination and could be a great next stop for those who is little aware of Southeast asia, but it could be little bit boring for those, who is searching for authenticity.
Some major practical numbers:
I spend 22 days in Malaysia
I visited 4 cities and places
I saw 1 place from UNESCO World Heritage list
My average expense is 100$/per day for 2 persons. That’s more than my initial budget (80$/day) and mostly because i afford myself too much and haven’t budgeted it. That’s includes: New Year’s night at the top bar in KL with lots of drinks (I should pit it as separate budget as it was major expense), good hotels including upper class for my birthday, shopping to renew some of my clothes and cosmetics, everyday Starbucks, visiting quite pricey Langkawi etc. So it’s possible to spend much less in Malaysia. But to be true, what we got for 50$/person a day is amazing value for money and no regrets at all!
With that I’m saying goodbye to Malaysia and moving next!