One more night bus brought me to Mandalay. I guess this one was in Robbie Williams song, isn’t it?
Night buses in Myanmar could be little tricky. They are very comfortable and nice, but it’s really kind of wierd to arrive into new city at 3am to the bus station, which is few km away from city. Right on exit from the bus you are bombarded by taxi drivers. All of them wears towels, hats and “hello kitty” sweater and at night it’s looks creepy. But i got not much choice, but hire them for much more than fair price.
I was lucky enough and this time again my hotel checked-in me at 3-30 and gave breakfast without no words, even though my check-in time was at 14. I’m not sure whether, but i got a feeling that they simply couldn’t leave foreigners in the lobby at night time. It’s not for the first time here and it’s really very nice.
Later in the afternoon i had brief walk in the area around and from first glance Mandalay looks not too interesting: ordinary asian life, lots of same block buildings, not very clean, agressive traffic etc. The city was destroyed during WW2, so it was rebuilt.
I have some more time here as I arrived earlier than my initial plan, hopefully next days will be existing.