Last day on the region of Inle lake and i got no ideas what else to do. So I researched for a bit and decided just to give it a go and have a walk to surrounding villages.
Occasionally in 3 minutes i found that it’s market day close to my accommodation. As i entered there i found it really fascinating place! Just real, local and very picturesque life. Everything is packer and very busy, vendors are selling everything from vegetables, beans, nuts to still alive fish, baby chikens (0,15$ each) and spices. It was so colourful and full of really great personalities, that I couldn’t stop myself from making clicks. This time with my phone, as i found that in crowded places DSLR camera can kill the moment.
Later in the afternoon i had a walk to the villages around my tourist town. It was lovely: womans are washing their hairs and doing laundry in the lake, mans chatting and free bananas around. I just picked them and eat. I done kind of the same with apples in Russia and apricots in Armenia before, now with the bananas.
Later in the afternoon i headed to some caves. I got no idea what is it, but just saw some cave sign on the map on my phone and decided to go. Cave could be nice, probably!
I ended up with magical experience! This cave was a temple inside the cave. It was quite large and most of the time there was noone, but we. Later i found that it’s not very hidden (i found couple blog posts, but nothing more), but it’s definitely not another touristy destination.
It was perfect: mostly dark, i used my pocket lights to explore this cave and with the feeling if intimate and sacred place. Inside there are several rooms. All of them got lots of Buddha statues. Some got wall paintings like turtles, elephants, snail, bunny etc. At one of the walls was skeleton, which was so unordinary for the temple in this part of the world.
I felt myself like Indiana Jones exploring this place. Definitely not abandoned, but these days it’s so unique to find places of this kind without almost no tourists. And i’m so thankful that such a place still exists, that i wouldn’t put it on a map, let it still be hidden.