Today i woke up at 5-30am to board boat and witness famous sunrise at Inle lake. I put my warmest clothes on, as it’s quite cold here at night time. We started at 6 and sky started to brighten as we go. After 30 minutes ride we stopped in the middle of the lake and just wait till sun rises up upon the hills.
As every famous stuff, there were some other boats in a distance, but we stand in absolutely silence. My camera was the loudest sound.
In a few minutes some fishermans showed us their famous tricks for a small donation. To be true, they are mostly kind of local “cirque de soleil” for tourists, but they are doing great job for photographers. It’s really beautiful and lools like not the easiest trick to do. Real fishermens also there, but not so photogenic to be true.
Great experience, without no means!
The surroundings, silence and patience are absolutely worth efforts!
Later in the afternoon i went to the local winery! I decided just to walk there and back 5 km, but mostly people prefere to take bicycles.
Yes, Myanmar got 2 wineries and one of them is here. Located on the hill around Inle lake, it’s not very big. They got some wine tasting for 3$ and I decided to visit it for a sunset. The place was literally packed as it was some New York bar at friday night. But for a good reason.
The view was so stunning! I literally got no idea that this kind of view could be here! And the wine itself was also surprisingly nice! It wasn’t bad at all and one white wine was pretty cool! So one more good surprise from Myanmar!

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